Hello, I'm * Dominic Ziller *. Media Designer from cologne. Always with the urge for the little details. I do Editorial Designs, Corporate Identities, Campaigns, 3d stuff, Sounddesign and a bit Animation. I tend now to put myself in all sorts of creative projects that involves using both my left and right cortex .

Since I was a little child, I've always had this dream of making things more beautiful for the people. For me it's not about the beauty itself. It's about how things work and if they do this in a beautiful way, then my desire is fullfilled. I make deep concepts for complex problems and develop the best possible solutions I can. I've made my bachelor degree at the RFH Köln and also worked as a freelance designer for some clients. In my freetime I like to experiement with graphics and type. Also I like to do sounddesign whenever I can.

Do you want to speak about future projects ? Feel free to contact me via E-Mail or social networks. Maybe we can drink some tea or coffee together...



2018-now Freelance Self Employed
2017-2020 B.A. Mediadesign RFH Köln
2018-2020 Media Designer RFH Köln
2017 Internship Hartmann Media


  • Photoshop 95%
  • Illustrator 85%
  • InDesign 90%
  • After Effects 70%
  • Adobe XD 85%
  • Cinema4D 75%
  • Ableton Live 99%